The Pullins, est. 2012

The Pullins, est. 2012

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Idaho? No, U-da-ho!

Taking it back today to our last vacay before H was born. I had not posted about our trip to Montana and Canada, and it was too good of a trip not to reminisce about.

My parents totally rocked our world when they told us they wanted to take the whole family on vacation this past summer. Then we rocked their world when we told them we would be pregnant during the trip! So, all is fair in love and vacations...

We met up with the fam in DFW and flew from there to Spokane, Washington. How do I say this? It's a long stinkin' way to Spokane, Washington. Even in a plane, it's pretty much an entire day to get to and fro. From there we hit up Couer d'alene, Idaho. What a cool town!

Then we headed farther east to the beautiful town of Missoula, Montana. We were all surprised with how much we loved Missoula! From the local Lewis & Clark history to the downtown vibe and microbreweries, it was a fun town! It was too bad we had not heard the Testie Fest was happening as we did not have tickets. We did get to see the bus leaving for the Testie Fest, though, and it looked like a real...nice time. But alas it was time for Great Falls.

checking out a L&C campsite-the only one they know exactly where it was!

just look at those adventurers
she could probably care less, but she looks good doing it!

He later made a career in banking after successfully guiding the Corps of Discovery. 
an actual discovery

Let's back up a good 20 years and talk about 10 year old Cash who came home from school wildly upset one day. His teacher had assigned each student to do a history report, and he was not happy. When his mom asked why, Cash exclaimed, "Because I got a girl!!! I got Meriwether Lewis!!" Once little Cash learned that Meriwether was not only a man but also a great explorer of America, he became fascinated with all things Lewis & Clark. So here we were in Great Falls, Montana, home of the Lewis & Clark Museum, and my now 30 year old husband could hardly contain himself. This was his hero! But he was only to be outdone on the excitement level by my very own father. See, my dad's childhood memories of Lewis & Clark were real-time. He remembers the day that Lewis & Clark discovered the Pacific Ocean and fondly retells the story of where he was when word was sent that Sacagawea had found her people! (Joke, Dad. I know you're not THAT old. I love you.)

look at this cute librarian taking history serious

my BIL making history come alive, folks
Dad was too busy reading about the museum to notice we were taking pictures, literally behind his back.

the man. the myth. the legend. THE Meriwether Lewis, ladies and gentlemen. (And it was real hide, not that fake stuff his mom used to make his elementary costume--the audacity she had to use fake hide when he so badly wanted the real stuff. ha)
with the mom & sister at Great Falls
me & my boo thang living out his childhood dream

The museum was very interesting, but we were all surprised that Great Falls was nothing like Missoula. In fact the town itself was pretty industrial and not touristy, but it was definitely worth the drive to see L&C. We headed back west then to Whitefish where we stayed for 3 days in a peaceful cabin on the river. Cash and my mom did a tiny bit of flyfishing, and the whole fam (minus the prego girl) got to go whitewater rafting. While they were all out rafting, I stayed back to rest and do some homework. I was sitting on the couch when I heard a rustle out the back door and ran out to find over 20 wild turkeys walking past the cabin. Amazing!  

the most delicious cherries in all the land, err, what's left of them

Sis & Mom at the cabin
Mom enjoying the big Montana skies
From the cabin we could shop in Whitefish, pick cherries in Kalispell, and head into Glacier National Park. Glacier was the main destination of the trip, but we only spent 1 day on the US side. We went up the Going to the Sun Road and luckily had received a good tip to tour this via the Red Jammers. If you ever go to Glacier, this is a must! What an incredible way to see the park (if you're brave enough to look out to see a sheer bluff, which I was not--BUT the view from the top was exquisite and I can truly vouch for that).

jammin' on the red jammer
sis & the kiddos going into GNP

red jammer


my sister's beautiful family

paparazzi got us

to the right you can see the Going to the Sun Road

the whole fam on Going to the Sun road

beautiful family at GNP
Ultimately we headed over to Many Glacier which is a smaller but equally beautiful section of the park. There were so many things to do in the park that we just didn't have time for, but if we ever went back we all agreed we would want to stay in the Swiss-style hotels, hike, and enjoy the park a bit more.

Many Glacier

After Glacier we decided to head up to Canada and see what all the maple is about. Let me just say that while I am a law-abiding, pretty good American I was nervous as a cat going through the border security. Why? I have no idea! But it was nerve racking both I thought maybe they would say, "No! You can't go back to America!" or something. And really, it's Canada for crying out loud. That's like going to Michigan or something; it's barely even outside the United States. ;)

my sister's family

Mom & Dad
Cash & me (and Baby H at 27 weeks)

My dad had set up a surprise for my niece once we got to Glacier NP on the Canadian side (aka Waterton Lakes NP). She was ecstatic when we began to drive up to the "princess" hotel. The Prince of Wales Hotel was breathtaking, and the inside had an old world charm. (Some of that old world crept out during your shower--maybe I'll take my modern bathroom. ha) Dad had also arranged for us to have high tea in the hotel overlooking Waterton Lake.

the excitement began as soon as she saw the Prince of Wales Hotel

better than Christmas

She felt like a real life princess.

She acted like one too.

Addison and her Bumpy all dressed up and ready for high tea.

our table and the view we had

fun at high tea, even Braeson acted like a little gentleman

the princess and her hot tea. she was made for this life.

Nana prefers cold, sweet tea; but she was a sport to try it out.

Cash and I loving the tea (and from the looks of it, I loved everything that was edible)

Sis being all fancy
After tea we went out on a boat tour of the lake and actually briefly went back into the US via water. We learned about the local life (or lack thereof, specifically in the winter) and the amazing hikes in the area. It would definitely be worth another visit to go on the hikes and see the views that were described.

Sis and her family playing at Waterton Lake

Prince of Wales Hotel

Mom & Dad before we headed out onto the lake
To end our trip we went to British Columbia and stayed at the St. Eugene Mission & Casino. Driving back through BC and then Idaho was just absolutely gorgeous. It's hard to describe in words all of the amazing scenery in that part of the world. To be honest when I had first thought about Idaho, I only pictured potatoes. But, man, it was beautiful. We would love to go back!

St. Eugene Mission
The hardest part of any trip is saying goodbye. I had spent over a week with my family, and I am always in a ball of tears when I leave them. No amount of time is ever enough. But, alas, it was time to go home. After all, I had to put in my notice at work the following week. What a way to go out.

sometimes you have to go home to get some rest
Mom and Dad, thank you so much for an amazing trip! You guys are so selfless and pour love onto us all the time. We are so undeserving of such wonderful parents. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Keep wandering...
Avery Jane

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lullabies and a Mother's Prayer

Henry, our sweet baby boy, was born on November 12. We have never been so in love. He has truly rocked our world.

Going home!
 I was nervous before he was born. Would I know what to do? Would I get sleep? Would I get the baby blues, or even post-partum depression?

My sister-in-law told me one day right before he was born, "God gives you everything you need to take care of a baby. Trust your instincts. You will have them." That comment changed my perspective totally. I went from a nervous wreck to calm and confident. When H was born, I just relied on instinct and got to know him. Cash and I never read a single self-help book, but just knowing God gave us what we would need helped us in so many ways. (We did take a birthing class at the hospital, and I will say it was amazing! So we weren't totally green-just mostly green.)

That scowl
In trying to be calm to know what to do with this new baby, I found my overall demeanor changed. I became calm in many aspects and learned how to relax. I was lucky that baby blues or PP depression never set in for me. My hardest days have been when he needs to constantly nurse, although I think (knock on wood) we are growing out of every 2-3 hours. We are so lucky with this baby, and I know it's not simply in what we have done. He's just a really awesome baby. But I have to believe to a degree not reading every book out there and just following our instincts helped a ton.

I have so enjoyed the days and nights with my Baby H. Who knew it would be this beautiful to be a mom? I'm blown away. In his 2 1/2 months we've taken him on a road trip to Arkansas and then just finished another to Austin, Victoria, and San Antonio (in 4 days!). He is a great little traveler..and a cute one to boot!

Loving on Baby H
Of course showing off your baby is fun, and I love sharing this precious time with our family. But nothing beats those mornings when it's just the two of us, and he needs me. No one else in the world. Just me. And H.

Rocking this sweet baby
I sat here nursing him as he fell asleep listening to lullabies (his very favorite) when "A Mother's Prayer" by Carne Wilson played. It was my first time to hear the words of this sweet prayer:

As I lay you down to sleep I pray the lord
I pray the Lord your soul to keep
Cause I don't need that much for me
This is a Mother's Prayer
I pray for angels by your side
Ask they watch you day and night
Walk with you all through your life
This is a Mother's Prayer
I pray that all the dreams you dream come true
And every star you wish upon
Grants every wish times two
I hope one day you get the chance
To truly see
What real love is
Like you've showed me
As I watch you fast asleep
I close my eyes and pray for peace
Cause now it means much more to me
This is a Mother's Prayer
And as you grow as seasons pass
I hope that time won't move too fast
Though it is too much to ask
This is a Mother's Prayer
I pray that when you give your heart
It's true
And all the love you give away
Comes back to you two times two
I hope one day you get the chance
To truly see
What real love is
And what you mean to me
In this great big world you can't stay small forever
Cause before I know it you'll be grown
And standing on your own
But I hope these words are something
That you'll treasure
And you get the chance to whisper them
To children of your own
I pray that all the dreams you dream
Come true
And every star you wish upon
Grants every wish times two
I hope one day you get the chance
To truly see
What real love is
Like you've showed me
This is a Mother's Prayer

Oh, I love this precious baby. All you moms, aunts, sisters, daughters, girlfriends out there can relate I know. This. This is what makes a woman's heart beat.

My baby love
Be blessed!