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Monday, September 23, 2013

Avery Lately

Helloooo, from Amarillo, Texas!! That's right-Amarillo. I'm up here in the Panhandle working for a couple of days then heading a couple of hours south to Lubbock for a couple more. Then Thursday night I get to go back to Midland just in time to celebrate my hubby's 10 year class reunion this weekend. YIKES!! 10 YEARS!!

So. Lately. Y'all, I have been having the time of my life. Cash and I celebrated our one year anniversary (one year of being a Mrs.--unreal) in July. Two weeks before that I had had surgery, so our anniversary trip was delayed until this past weekend. I'm not much on selfies, but for those of you who know me will be SHOCKED by this one. I did it. I had the surgery. I said goodbye to the girls. Glorious moment.

feeling good! (and actually getting to run around!)
 I never had our wedding or honeymoon pictures printed to my liking (I'm lame), so in their place we enlarged and framed the envelope and congratulations letter from President and Mrs. GW Bush. We put them side by side in our hallway, and I'm over the moon pleased with how the art gallery came through for us on the framing. They did a fantastic job all around. The envelope may be my favorite, but I doubt my parents would be thrilled if I displayed their address on my blog. :)
favorite wedding card

At the beginning of August we met my parents in Ruidoso, New Mexico (where we got engaged--holla!), for a fun-filled weekend of horse races, history, and gondola rides. We rented this cute little condo/cabin that faced the woods. The deer would walk by in the mornings and evenings. One night I was able to get them to come up to me. Unreal!

the deer whisperer, that's what I call myself

In September I switched roles at the bank. When I was hired, it was known that I would be a Personal Banker for some length of time. Then I would eventually start a Training Department. September 3rd we officially got that up and running, and I have been eyeball deep in creating training material ever since. Four years of teaching and two summers of bank experience ended up being the recipe for the perfect job. I am traveling a lot now, but this is something I could have only dreamed of doing. It took 9 years between college and professional work to finally get to this point. I had always hoped I could just land in a training department. To CREATE one and have that trust from my executive team is something I can't describe. Unbelievable. Oh, and my boss is a Razorback. Make me lucky times 1,000!!!

Over Labor Day weekend Cash and I went to Santa Fe to go white water rafting. The rapids weren't too high, but it was still a nice day on the Rio Grande. Our guide had just finished a canoe race that went from Kansas City to St. Louis, so we learned a lot about rafting from her. Plus, Santa Fe is becoming my "gift" city. Last year, Cash bought me a super amazing road bike at the REI store there. This year he found a Jeep.

When we got back to Midland, this is what that sweet man bought for me...
I didn't live until I had this thing!!
I never thought my heart would let me trade in my 4Runner. It was the last bit of my single life I had left. But when Cash took me for a test drive in the new Wranglers, I could've cried I was so in love. It was the best choice we ever made. I love taking the top off (even if it does rain!) and driving all over West Texas. I am a Jeep person now, no doubt.

The first weekend we had it we took it out to the dove lease. I even killed my first dove! I was so proud.

my first dove
Even though I am no longer on the retail side of the bank, my old boss asked me to be in a golf tournament with him a couple of weekends ago. We played in the Bosworth tournament. Living in Midland, you learn you didn't really survive until you had Bosworth in your life. They take care of every single problem you could imagine having in your home or business. Since I moved to Midland I have become good friends with their CFO, so my former boss and I were on the team with her and their President. I spent the day trying to cost-effectively get them to Arkansas to work on our home there. 

Ron, Stacy, me, and my old boss Martin
This past weekend was finally our anniversary trip. We left after work Friday and headed to Kerrville, Texas, home of Johnny Manziel. (Hey, I'm an Aggie now.) We spent the weekend at the Texas Hunt Lodge, and I can promise you no one has ever had more fun than I had this past weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up to the smell of breakfast, then we headed out to go hunting. Cash bagged a catalina, so we took it to the processor and headed in for lunch. They had a full-time cook on staff, so we were fed to the brim at all hours of the day and night. After a power nap, we went out to find a ram for me. I wanted a painted desert. We finally saw a group of rams, so I popped this one. I could not stop shaking. Literally. I was so excited my heart was going 90 to nothing.

I hit him through both lungs and the heart. If I must brag! LOL. I made a better shot on mine than Cash did his, and I just wanted to point that out. I am currently trying to convince my boss to let me hang this above my desk at work. She said a hog, no big deal...but a ram, ehhhh. I am still working on this though!

painted desert ram taken at Texas Hunt Lodge

Texas Hunt Lodge houses 35 ranches and over 100,000 acres. It is mostly for exotic hunting. We were able to shoot ours on a safari hunt then spend Sunday photographing the other exotics. It was quite amazing. We saw wildebeests, springbock, water buffalo, axis deer, pere david deer, many typs of rams, tons of different sorts of African antelope, whitetail deer, elk. They have a hunt lodge in Africa as well, and I'm determined my husband will take me there. Italy is out. Africa Hunt Lodge is in.

We drove the 4 hours back to Midland last night. Then I repacked and headed to Lubbock. I stayed there last night and drove the other 2 hours to Amarillo this morning and worked here all day. The COO even took me to see our new building; sometimes I can't get over how great it is to work for our executive management.

After work I checked into the hotel and headed out to Palo Duro Canyon. It was gorgeous! If you ever get the chance to go through Amarillo, take time to see this. I met an elderly couple from Australia while I was taking pictures, and the gentleman was kind enough to take my picture.

Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo
Traveling for work isn't quite the same as traveling with my husband, but I usually try to make friends in the other markets or find some sort of attraction to enjoy. If I'm going to be away from home, I might as well enjoy my time...and eat good! I am ready to smoke some steak from Las Brisas Wednesday night!! By smoke I mean eat it until it's all gone.

Well, that is the latest and greatest from the Pullin house. When I get settled in one night this week I plan on changing up the look around here. I miss this ol' blog world.

(*Note: News about the Razorbacks has intentionally been left off due to embarrassment from this past weekend.)

Avery Jane

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Demolition Area

Well, well, well, blog world. It's been a minute or two. Hope all is well with each of youins. We've been soaking up life out here in West Texas, with the hubs gone all week to Houston I have a spare second to catch you up!

After attending Christ Church Anglican for a solid 10 months, Cash and I were confirmed and joined our precious new home. Father Eric spent many hours with us, mostly trying to make my Baptist-reared mind understand new ideas. In the end, the only difference is the methodology. To that I say I do not think God cares particularly about that as long as you are doing it reverently and with purpose to praise Him.
Cash and I with Fr. Eric after confirmation
In July I had surgery so my sweet momma, sis, and niece came down to help us out. The day after surgery was the 4th of July, and seeing how that's my FAV holiday, we marched ourselves right on downtown and enjoyed some fireworks. I had bumped into our CFO that afternoon, and she gave us VIP seats for the show. It was a great time; half of it I had some super meds in me and didn't feel a thing, but I'm fairly certain it was a great time. :)

Uncle Cash and Addi headed to the fireworks show

During that time we also started some major renovations on the house. I am not sure if I should give Pinterest or HGTV more credit for the inspiration, but it was highly accepted nonetheless.

As you can see the outside of the house was brown purple blue gray something. I loathed whatever color it was.

What color is that?!
Now it's more calming and more of a real color. All the things we really tried to shoot for.

new. everything.

painted the rocking chairs!
The master bath (or as I've learned from HGTV--the en suite) needed some, umm, MAJOR updates. Before the contractor got to the house, we (meaning my husband, mom, and sister) took off the old wallpaper and underneath found this amazing 1969 original wall.

removed the vanity, closed off the door, changed the walls

that. wallpaper. ahhhhhhhhhhh

Okay, so it was atrocious. Luckily, we really did hire the best contractor in Midland, Texas. I couldn't be happier with the results.

new vanity, sinks, faucets, mirrors, and striped walls (the stripes are gloss)

towel warmer, towel holder, new toilet, new floors

new shower

And while in the reno' spirit, I tried to find some curtains that were striped with large navy stripes. They don't exist in case you're wondering where to get some. So I endured the over 200 mosquito bites I got on a Saturday night and painted myself some floor length curtains. It feels more and more like Maine in our living room every day. I. Love. It!

new curtains
It's back to the grind for one more day tomorrow, and my hubby comes homes! Woohoo!! Until next time...



Friday, May 17, 2013

Kentucky Derby 2013

Back when I was in high school I participated in FFA (Future Farmers of America for all you non-small towners). My senior year I got to attend the FFA National Convention which happened to be in Louisville. Churchill Downs hosted FFA at the Downs Day, and ever since that exact moment I have been t-totally hooked on horse racing.

In the spring we usually made at least 1 trip down to Hot Springs for the horse races, but going to Churchill Downs was the experience of experiences for horse enthusiasts such as myself. $2 bets + horses = Avery in a very happy and cheap state.

Anyway, I desperately wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby this year, but I think we ended up having a better time right here in Midland, Texas, watching with friends. One of my girlfriends (Kelli) met her husband while going to graduate school about 30 minutes from Louisville, so she was instrumental in helping me figure out how to throw a real ol' fashioned Derby party.

Kelli and her twin for the day Todd in matching blue seersucker
 Tip #1: Seersucker is always in in the South.

Bethany and Whitney: both OSU grads poking people
 Tip #2: Have friends who all have connections. (I don't know if that's a real tip. But it was fun that every couple we invited all had a connection even though a few had never met.)

Cash and Matt
Tip #3: Have a bartender who is willing to go pick mint out of a friend's garden the day of the Derby just to have mint juleps for the afternoon. True story.

Bethany, Elizabeth, Kelli, myself, and Whitney
 Tip #4: Wear big hats.

Elizabeth and Kelli finding out they were in the same sorority
 Tip #5: Very similar to Tip #2...have friends who find out they were in the same sorority at different colleges.

mint julep making king

Run for the Roses
 Tip #6: Remember. This is the Run for the Roses. Decorate with roses.

Point made about the roses

Todd and his sweet, gorgeous wife Elizabeth
Tip #7: Invite people who are not only fun but also ecstatic about dressing up for the Derby.

Tip #8: Have lots of biscuits, ham, derby pie, dips, bourbon balls, mint juleps, and sweet tea; you can never go wrong with sweet tea.

Big Winners!
 Tip #9: Definitely have a contest during the race. This leads to all sorts of chanting and excitement. (Unless you live in oil country where everyone had a horse but secretly rooted for Frac Daddy so all of America would cheer for fracking. We REALLLLYYYY wanted Frac Daddy in the front.) Regardless, Matt was the big winner of a bottle of bourbon. He wasn't too upset. :)

Todd and Whitney: the big winners!
Tip #10: Have a best dressed contest. (And make sure you don't make Todd take pictures with every woman there. I just realized this. hahahaha)

A co-worker and I were discussing the Derby the week after, and he couldn't get over how silly it was to him that people spend all this money on 2 minutes of racing. Oh, my heart broke. Everything about growing up in the South, dressing like a lady/gentleman, drinking sweet tea like your momma made, watching horses and trainers and jockeys alike...all those things come together in one big event that in my heart of hearts cannot be topped by any other major sporting event.

To me the Kentucky Derby epitomizes the South. And frankly, I love the South.

And of course I love competition, winning, and gambling just a little bit.

Now it's off to the preakness and belmont. Until then...


Avery Jane